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Zach Tegler’s First Story Pitch

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Name: Zach Tegler

 Your story format for this assignment:

__X___ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

 _____ Video

 _____ Live tweet, Storify version of tweets and story (1 photo and/or graphic)

Your pitch, written directly and concisely in one paragraph (imagine what your lede or nut graf would be) – 20 points

            In the buildup to the Academy Awards in February, the Ross Theater is showing some Oscar-nominated movies in order to give people one more chance to see them. “Argo,” which hasn’t been in theaters since last fall, is showing for one night at the Ross, and “Amour” and “Beasts of the Southern Wild” – two of the more obscure nominees – will play for a couple weeks each at the theater. Many people appreciate the opportunity to see these movies.


 Explain why your audience would find your story compelling – 15 points

Movie fans like me are obsessed with the Oscars and want to see every Academy Award-worthy movie before the awards are announced. The story would act both as a way to inform people of where they can see these movies if they want to and as a preview to the Oscars.


 Explain why this story is best told using this format – 15 points.

 This story contains some complicated information and just a little bit of emotion as people both want to see the movies and the theaters are showing them. Ironically, even though the story is about movies, it doesn’t actually involve very much of a visual aspect.


 How will you tell this story visually?  Please be specific. For example, list potential B roll shots for your video story – 10 points

Photos of moviegoers, screenshots of movies (legal issues?), or portraits of my sources.


List the names and titles of the sources you plan to use in your story – 10 points.

 L. Kent Wolgamott – Lincoln Journal Star columnist

Danny Ladely – Director of the Ross Theater

I will also find students and other people taking advantage of the movie showings


 What roles will your identified sources play in the story? – 10 points

 The identified sources will be both consumers and providers of movies that will be a scarce product over the next month. That is the relationship I will probably want to explore in this story.


 List the names and titles of the sources you have already contacted for the story – 10 points. (If you have not reached any sources, please leave this blank. If you are live tweeting, list the hashtag you have chosen and what other hashtags you might include in the course of tweeting.)

L. Kent Wolgamott and Danny Ladely


What is your back-up story idea if this one falls through? – 10 points

A story about the history of the NU Coliseum as its role hosting Nebraska sports ends.

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