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Katie Bane’s first pitch

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Name: Katie Bane

Your story format for this assignment:

_____ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

_____ Video

__X__ Live tweet, Storify version of tweets and story (1 photo and/or graphic)

Your pitch, written directly and concisely in one paragraph (imagine what your lede or nut graf would be) – 20 points

Whether you smoke it, know someone who does or strongly oppose the issue altogether, the issue of legalizing marijuana remains hotly contested after the election cycle has passed.  On February 7th, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will host Heads vs. Feds, a debate between a former DEA agent and the editor-in-chief of High Times Magazine.  High student attendance is expected and the debate is audience-driven; members of the community will hopefully learn all sides of the controversial issue as their questions are answered by experts in the field.

Explain why your audience would find your story compelling – 15 points

This is an actual, informative debate about the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.  College campuses are well-known for young adult drug and alcohol exploration.  High attendance is expected because students care about the issue.  This story is compelling because these experts have traveled across the country interacting with students about legalizing weed and this is a great opportunity for the university and News Net Nebraska to be involved in a controversial issue.

Explain why this story is best told using this format – 15 points.

Live tweeting is the perfect way to cover a debate.  I expect this event will be highly attended and will have many interested students who will not be able to attend.  Tweeting the event as it is happening gives our audience a chance to view the action live and interact with the tweeter whether it is in the form of inquiry or of additional questions to ask.

How will you tell this story visually? Please be specific. For example, list potential B roll shots for your video story – 10 points

Tweeted photograph of the vast number of students attending
Tweeted photograph of the debaters, up-close shot
Tweeted photograph of the speakers together at the podium either debating or listening to questions

List the names and titles of the sources you plan to use in your story – 10 points.

Steve Hager, editor-in-chief of High Times Magazine
Bob Stutman, DEA special agent veteran
Wide variety of students asking questions, some follow-up interviews after the debate

What roles will your identified sources play in the story? – 10 points

Hager will be the voice of those for legalizing marijuana while Stutman plays the opposing role.  The debate is audience-driven so student questions and reactions are essential for this story.

List the names and titles of the sources you have already contacted for the story – 10 points. (If you have not reached any sources, please leave this blank. If you are live tweeting, list the hashtag you have chosen and what other hashtags you might include in the course of tweeting.)

#HeadvFed, #UNL, #marijuana, #LNK, #WeedDebate, #DEA, #UPC, #controversy

What is your back-up story idea if this one falls through? – 10 points

The Sheldon Museum of Art is presenting a new “Encounter” photography collection consisting of 110 photos showcasing the museum’s vast collection.  This exhibit explores photography’s transnational significance and cultural differences and relevance.  Brandon Ruud curated the collection and will speak about its importance on February 12.  The collection is in honor of the 125th anniversary of the University of Nebraska’s art collection and the 50th anniversary of the Sheldon’ landmark Philip Johnson building.

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