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Bethany Schmidt Pitch 1

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 Your story format for this assignment:

_____ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

 __x___ Video

 _____ Live tweet, Storify version of tweets and story (1 photo and/or graphic)

Your pitch, written directly and concisely in one paragraph (imagine what your lede or nut graf would be) – 20 points

Mallory Prucha, a graduate student in costume design, has painstakingly handcrafted all of the costumes for UNL’s spring musical, “Candide.” She calls her final academic project her “mega thesis.” She is putting on the final touches to show her work later this month.

Explain why your audience would find your story compelling – 15 points

Beautiful, colorful costumes would be very visual. Also, Prucha is a very spunky, colorful person with really interesting mannerisms. 

Explain why this story is best told using this format – 15 points.

This story could make for an okay text story but seeing the costumes and hearing Prucha’s voice (plus sounds like sewing machines, show music, etc.) would definitely add the the story. 

How will you tell this story visually?  Please be specific. For example, list potential B roll shots for your video story – 10 points

Potential B-roll: Close-ups of hand-stitching, close ups of fabric running through sewing machines, wide shot of the room with all of the the costumes and Prucha running through it. 

List the names and titles of the sources you plan to use in your story – 10 points.

Mallory Prucha, costume designer of Candide

Adam Fieldson, stars as Candide in the show

Sara Warner, a female cast member

the director and other creative directors (set, lights) would also be nice to have interviews with

What roles will your identified sources play in the story? – 10 points

Prucha will be the focus but director will add extra insight behind themes of the play and will give reference to Prucha’s role. Cast members will also give reference to Prucha’s character and provide interesting, fun stories from fittings, etc.

List the names and titles of the sources you have already contacted for the story – 10 points. (If you have not reached any sources, please leave this blank. If you are live tweeting, list the hashtag you have chosen and what other hashtags you might include in the course of tweeting.)

Mallory Prucha

What is your back-up story idea if this one falls through? – 10 points

Lanny Holstein, a CoJMC student, is heading to San Francisco this June to compete in the Hearst Championships for broadcasting. He is the only UNL student (as of now) competing. 

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