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Last day of class

April 21, 2013 4:26 am Leave a comment

1. Complete these three short evaluations:

2. Make sure to put all of your media — text, photos and videos — in the correct folders on the NewsNet server.

3. I will look at each of your videos individually — and after you’ve received the go-ahead, you can export.

4. While you are waiting for video approval, upload your text story and photos to the news website. Be sure to follow all the steps on the checklist.  Please double-check that you have completed all the steps.

5. Please tell me when your post is complete, then I will approve your video. (Do not export it before I approve it.)

6. If we have enough time and things go smoothly, we can watch each video as a class.

7. But regardless, please do not leave until I have signed off on your checklist.

8. After you have left, if your story needs tweaking or clarification, I will email you to fix, then publish once it is complete. If your story needs significant work, it will not be published and will be graded accordingly. I will put into your Dropbox a copy of your final project grades and any comments.

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Final project assignment & examples

March 11, 2013 10:34 am Leave a comment

Your final project for this class is a multimedia news package featuring 1) text;  2) photos and/or graphics; and 3) video.

Your pitch will be due on Monday, March 25. Please be specific about what each component (text, photo/graphics and video)

But please come to class on Monday, March 25, to discuss your ideas for a final project and how you foresee using the different media to tell what parts of the story. The story can be about anything of interest to a NewsNetNebraska audience. Please look through at least three of the examples below before you write your pitch.

The rest of the schedule

No class on March 18.

Final story pitch due on March 25.

Finish up regular assignments on April 1.

No class on April 8 — work on final project.

Discuss final project with me on April 15.

Final project due on April 22. Any project not ready to be uploaded by 12:30 p.m. will receive a zero. We will use the class time to upload the projects.

Some examples of final projects from NewsNet past:

Married students

Jake Bogus

Jacob’s Well



Local food

Hearst winners

Tobacco Road

Smoking ban


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Important advice for journalism students

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