All of the chapters in Journalism Next and Blur are available through Love Library’s e-reserves. You can click on this link.

Reading/viewing for Jan. 14:

Briggs. “We Are All Web Workers Now,” from Journalism Next, Chapter 1 pp. 8-39 link

Briggs. “Microblogging: Write Small, Think Big,” from Journalism Next, Chapter 4 pp. 89-113 link

Briggs. “Visual Storytelling with Photographs,” from Journalism Next, Chapter 6 pp. 137-170 link

Kovach & Rosenstiel. “What We Need From the “Next Journalism,” from Blur, Chapter 9 pp. 170-197 link

Story ideas and development by Steve Buttry

Ira Glass on Storytelling (Part 2)

Kodak Top Tips for Great Pictures

Reading for Jan. 28:

Adobe 20 Tips for Shooting Great Video

10 common video pitfalls

Learn to shoot video

Video critiques — pick three from this list of NPPA winners to critique.

Chapter 8, Journalism Next link

Reading for Sept. 11

VTC training tutorials for Final Cut Pro 7 — FCP tutorials

Reading for Sept. 18

Jakob Nielsen’s How Users Read on the Web

Jakob Nielsen’s Best Headlines

Introduction, Chapters 1 and 11, Journalism Next link

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